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Saigon On Fifth is an elegant eatery with outdoor seating. We serve refined Vietnamese classics into the wee hours. Open until 3am daily!


Tamarind Soup

Traditional Vietnamese tamarind-based soup, with pineapple, tomatoes, bean sprout, okra, Vietnamese celery, topped with fresh basil.
Tofu & Vegetable $4.95 (cup) $8.95 (pot)
Shrimp/Fish/Calamari or Chicken $5.95 (cup) $10.95 (pot)

Beans Thread Soup

Clear vermicelli noodle cooked in chicken broth with shredded chicken.
$4.95 (Cup) $8.95 (Pot)

Dumpling Soup

Homemade chicken and shrimp dumplings with vegetables, cooked in a clear-broth soup.
$4.95 (Cup) $10.95 (Pot)

Coco-Chicken Soup

Shredded white meat chicken cooked in clear coconut juice. Served in whole coconut.

Tofu & Vegetable Soup

Mixed fresh vegetables and soft tofu cooked in clear broth.
$4.95 (Cup) $8.95 (Pot)

Purple Yam Soup

Chicken broth base soup blended with a purple yam puree, hand ground shrimp, and coriander accents with cilantro.
$11.95 (Pot)

Crab Asparagus Soup

Crab meat and white asparagus topped with cilantro in signature flavored soup.
$5.95 (Cup) $13.95 (Pot)

Spicy Lemongrass Soup

Fresh lemongrass and chili-base soup with lime, lemon leaf, and mushroom. Options:
Vegetable & Tofu $4.95 (Cup) $8.95 (Pot)
Shrimp, Fish, Calamari, or Chicken $5.95 (Cup) $10.95 (Pot)

Fish Maw Soup

Thick broth with crab meat and fish maw, topped with cilantro and white pepper.
$16.95 (Pot)


Lotus Stem

Pickled lotus stems with shrimp, lean pork, cucumber, carrot, daikon,chopped mint, basil, and cilantro tossed in chili tamarind dressing. Sprinkled with peanuts and scallions.
$5.95 (Sm) $10.95 (Lg)


Shredded fresh green papaya topped with Vietnamese basil. Options:
– Vietnamese beef jerky
– Shrimp and shredded pork, served with ginger soy dressing.
$5.95 (Sm) $10.95 (Lg)

Banana Blossom Baby Clams

Banana blossom and sautéed baby clams topped with mint, basil, and traditional tamarind chili dressing.
$11.95 (Lg)

Lemon Steak

Medium-rare steak, thinly sliced and tossed in lemon garlic dressing with tomatoes, cucumber, chopped mint, basil, onion, shredded carrot, peanuts, & roasted ruby red onion.
$11.95 (Lg)


Shredded green mango and green papaya, served with shrimp, lean pork topped with Vietnamese basil, mint, chili tamarind dressing, peanuts, and sauteed onion.
$11.95 (Lg)


Steamed Sea Bass and honey-pickled cabbage tossed in a house special dressing containing chopped mint, Vietnamese basil, and roasted ruby red onion.
$5.95 (Sm) $11.95 (Lg)


Shredded cabbage and chicken topped with chili tamarind dressing, Vietnamese basil, carrots, and pickled onion.
$5.95 (Sm) $10.95 (Lg)


Imperial Rolls (4)

Crispy rice paper filled with fresh crab meat, delicate shrimp, chicken, and vegetables.

Spicy Baby Clams

Baby clams lightly sautéed with fresh chili, garlic, mint, served over shrimp crackers.

Cream Cheese Wontons (6)

Our special blend of cream cheese seasoned with scallions and spices softened with crispy wonton jacket.

Beef in Betel Leaf (8)

Ground tenderloin grounded and grilled and wrapped with fresh betel leaves accompanied with rice paper, fresh lettuce, mint, basil, shiso and Vietnamese coriander. Sprinkled with peanuts and scallions (please allow 15 minutes for preparation).

Saigon Wings (6)

Sautéed wings with your choice of: simple butter, salt & pepper, or fish sauce (please allow 15 minutes for preparation).

Buttered Crispy Quail (2)

Quail marinated in 5 spices, sauteed in butter and served on a bed of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and pickled onions.

Fresh Spring Rolls (4)

Shrimp, lettuce, rice noodle vermicelli, mint and your choice of traditional lean pork thinly sliced or shredded white chicken; (or vegetarian option).

Pan Fried or Steamed Dumplings (6)

Signature Vietnamese stuffing with chicken and vegetables deliciously marinated and lightly fried.

Fried Shrimp (4)

Fresh shrimp rolled with egg noodle and golden fried and seasoned with herbs and spices.

Steamed Mussels (6)

Fresh steamed mussels topped with roasted shallots, green onion, and peanuts infused in chili tamarind sauce, with dash of basil.

Fried Calamari

Vietnamese take on this classic, crispy calamari sautéed in butter with fresh scallions, garlic and jalapeños.

Sweet Potato Fries


Duck paté with crispy bacon


North Vietnamese Crab Cake (8)

Dungeness crab and chicken carefully wrapped into thin crispy rice paper. Served on a bed of rice vermicelli noodle (please allow 15 minutes for preparation).

Fried Tofu

Our special crispy Tofu served with homemade peanut and soy based dipping sauce.

Sugar Cane Shrimp (2)

Sugar cane wrapped in fresh ground shrimp, grilled and served with lettuce and mint.

Tofu Skin (4)

Fresh ground shrimp, crab meat, scallops, and vegetables wrapped with thin layers of soy milk skin then golden fried.

Stuffed Squid (5)

Baby squid stuffed with chicken, black mushroom and vermicelli, sautéed in a bold butter sauce, accented with black pepper and a sweet chili dipping sauce.

Garlic Noodle



Miss Saigon

Choice of pan grilled Salmon or Sea bass sauteed in a creamy coconut sauce and a combination of Red and Yellow curry sauce. Topped with basil & peanuts.

Baked Eggplant

Asian Eggplant, baked and served with chili garlic tamarind sauce, topped with roasted shallots & green onion.

Black Pepper Prawn

Tiger shrimp sautéed in light butter and black pepper. Served with a special dipping sauce.

Yellow Curry Duck

Roasted duck flavored with our own curry sauce.

Mango Fish

Choice of sea bass or salmon, served with shredded green mango in a chili garlic sauce.

Lobster Tail

Lobster tail sautéed in a choice of tamarind or garlic sauce.

Fish of Hue

Choice of pan grilled Sea Bass or Salmon marinated in house special spicy sauce with garlic, ginger, lemon grass.
$16.95 (Chicken $13.95)

Original Garlic Shrimp

Original creation of our garlic shrimp, lightly battered, cooked with fruit juice, and topped with roasted garlic.
$15.95 (Sea Bass $15.95/Chicken $13.95)

Saigon Love Boat

Seafood combination (shrimp, sea bass, mussels, scallops, calamari) infused with lemon leaf, Vietnamese herbs wrapped in banana leaf, grilled to delicate perfection.

Coconut Shrimp

Fresh shrimp baked in a creamy coconut sauce served in a whole coconut.

Shells in Basil

Mussels sautéed in house special sauce, accented with basil, chili pepper, and garlic.

Creamy Basil Fish

Choice of pan seared Sea Bass or Salmon sauteed in a creamy coconut sauce with a touch of organic yellow curry powder, basil, and Vietnamese herbs.
$16.95 (Chicken $13.95)

360 Beef

Cubed filet mignon, skillfully sautéed to perfection, with black pepper, garlic, and house special sauce.

Orange Duck

Roasted duck flavored with our special orange sauce.

Clay Pot Fish

Traditional dish of fish cooked in a clay pot, enriched by a flavorful sauce cooked until lightly caramelized. Choice of Sea Bass or Salmon.
$14.95 (Chicken $11.95)

Soft Shell Crab

Our lightly battered soft-shell crab baked in a special blend of spices with roasted chili pepper, garlic and green onion.

Classic Entrees

All classic entrees served with your choice of:
Vegetables/Tofu/Mock Chicken $10.95
Chicken/Pork/Beef $12.95
Shrimp/Calamari $14.95
Scallops/Mixed Seafood $16.95

Served with the spice level of your choice in the following preparations:


Fresh chili-based seasoning, lemon grass, bell pepper, garlic, and onion. Sautéed until caramelized.


Sautéed in our own brown sauce with fresh asparagus, carrots, and onion.

Cashew Nuts

Unique bean sauce, sautéed until caramelized with cashew nuts.

Bamboo Shoots

Sautéed with fresh bamboo shoots and garlic.

Chili Basil

Sautéed in special sauce with basil leaf accent, onion, bell pepper, carrots, and fresh chili.

Mix Vegetables

Mixture of selected vegetables and herbs, sautéed in special brown sauce. Vegetables include baby bok choy, straw mushrooms, car- rots, cabbage, broccoli, and snow peas.

Green Beans

Sautéed in bean sauce and bell pepper.

Red Curry

Red curry paste, coconut milk, bamboo shoots, bell pepper, lemongrass, and basil leaf.


Sautéed with fresh shredded ginger, straw mushroom, and onion.

Oriental Broccoli

Broccoli from the Far East, sautéed with mushroom and carrots.

Sweet & Sour

Vietnamese classic version of honey and fruit juice, sautéed with cucumber, pineapple, carrots, and onion.

Yellow Curry

Saigon-style yellow curry with lightly browned potatoes, carrots, and onion.



“Boon” rice noodle vermicelli served slightly chilled with shredded lettuce, cucumber, mints, shiso, shredded carrots, and bean sprouts topped with scallions and peanuts with the following choice:

Filet Mignon

$10.95 / $12.95

Lemongrass Tofu

$8.95 / $10.95

Grilled Shrimp

$10.95 / $12.95

Lemongrass Chicken

$8.95 / $11.95

Imperial Rolls

$8.95 / $10.95

BBQ Pork or Chicken

$10.95 / $12.95


This traditional and very popular beef broth-based, rice noodle soup is richly flavored, and delicately prepared. Topped with onion and cilantro.
Served with fresh basil leaf & bean sprouts on the side.

Extra side of veggies: $2.00

Your choice of:

Filet Mignon

Thinly sliced rare filet mignon steak.


Beef & Beef Balls.


Served with a combination of seafood of shrimps, fish balls, calamari, scallop.


Well done beef brisket.


Traditionally prepared with filet mignon, brisket, tripe and tendon.


Vietnamese ‘classic style’ egg noodle soup. Served with shrimp, chicken, fish balls, and vegetables. Topping with roasted ruby red onion, roasted garlic, and green onion.

Beef Balls

House special blend of beef balls.


Prepared with chicken-broth-based Pho. Served with shredded chicken.

Stir Fried Noodles

Pan Seared Mi

Pan seared egg noodles topped with a combination of shrimp, chicken, beef, calamari, fish ball, Vegetables, sautéed in a house special sauce.

Pan Seared Rice Noodle

Flat rice noodles topped with a combination of shrimp, chicken, beef, calamari, fish ball, and vegetables, sautéed in a house special sauce.

Spicy Noodle

Our version of flat rice noodle, fully spiced with special herbs, stir- fried with fresh tomatoes, cucumber, basil, fresh chili. Option of:
Vegetarian $9.95 | Chicken $11.95| Shrimp or Combination $13.95

Fried Rice

Saigon Fried Rice

Try our traditional “Vietnamese style” stir fried jasmine rice, richly flavored with full spices and herbs.
Vegetarian $9.95 | Chicken $11.95 | Shrimp or Combination $13.95

Pineapple Fried Rice

Chef’s special version of stir fried jasmine rice, pineapple and roasted cashew nuts with shrimp, chicken, roasted garlic, egg, and onion. Uniquely served inside half-cut pineapple.

Crab Fried Rice

Chef’s unique version of jasmine rice, stir fried with crab paste, fresh crab meat, chili, roasted garlic, and onion.

Spicy Fried Rice

Our version of special fragrance rice, fully spiced with special herbs, then stir fried with fresh tomatoes, cucumber, basil, and fresh chili.
Vegetarian $9.95 | Chicken $11.95 | Shrimp or Combination $13.95

Table Specialties

Experience food preparation at your own table!

Beef a la Grill

Thin slices of choice beef, marinated with lemongrass, sesame, garlic, and onion. After grilling, wrap them with rice paper and selected vegetables, and dip with authentic sauce.

Sugar Cane Shrimp

Ground fresh shrimp blended with special seasoning, delicately wrapped around individual sugar cane, grilled to perfection. Wrap them with rice paper and selected vegetables and dip with tamarind sauce.

Vinegar Fondue Beef

Thin slices of choice beef, cooked by dipping in our special vinegar broth base fondue. Wrap them with rice paper and selected vegetables, and dip with authentic sauce.

Vietnamese Crepes

Traditional rice batter crepe with a touch of Turmeric, stuffed with bean sprouts, onion (please allow 20 minutes for preparation). Your choice of:
Lean Slices of Pork & Shrimp (Traditional) $12.95 | Chicken & Shrimp $12.95 | Seafood $16.95

Saigon Fondue

Create your own fondue with fresh shrimp, calamari, scallop, beef balls fish fillet, tofu, and mix vegetables with our specially seasoned fondue soup base. Choice of vermicelli or egg noodle.
$26.95 Extra noodle: $2.00


Your favorite Wine, Cocktail or Sake with your meal.

Wild Horse Viognier

Central Coast
$9 Glass | $26 Bottle

Gekkeikan Hot Sake

Enjoy the same mellow flavor of our traditional sake with slightly less alcohol. Served warm.
$7 (Small) $12 (Large)

Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon

Knights Valley, Napa
$13 Glass | $36 Bottle

Swedish Mule

Absolut Vodka, fresh squeezed lime, topped with Gosling’s Ginger Beer over ice, garnish with fresh mint and Lime wedge.

Substitutions may result in an additional charge.

Additions: Vegetable $2, Beef $4, Chicken $3, Seafood $5

Not all ingredients are listed, please alert server about your allergies.

Split check : Maximum 4 checks